HazCom Training - GHS1006 (English)

1 - 4 5 +
$45 $40

Duration: 1 Hour      Languages: English, Spanish

Topics Covered:

  • Describe chemical hazard communication.

  • Learn the criteria for classification of chemical hazards.

  • Identify label elements and safety data sheets.

  • Learn how to self-protect from hazards.

Course Benefits:

  • Knowledge of hazardous chemicals, labels and safety data sheets.

  • Knowledge of the revised GHS standard including hazard statements.

  • Certificate of Completion*.

  • Examination record available for employer.

Maximum OSHA penalty amounts as of January 15th, 2021:

Type of Violation




Posting Requirements

$13,653 per violation

Failure to Abate

$13,653 per day beyond the abatement date

Willful or Repeated

$136,532 per violation

*OSHA recommends re-training as necessary to maintain skills, usually annually.

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