Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety

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Duration: 10 Minutes      Language: English

Recommended For:

  • Essential for all oil and gas workers who may be exposed to H2S on their work site, but also recommended for workers who are employed at sites where H2S may be encountered.

Topics Covered:

  • List and describe the properties of hydrogen sulfide.

  • Describe how hydrogen sulfide is created, where it occurs and the industries in which it is used.

  • Describe the methods used to detect, monitor and warn of hydrogen sulfide.

  • Describe the physical and health hazards of hydrogen sulfide.

  • Describe the appropriate responses to hydrogen sulfide exposures and emergencies.

Course Benefits:

  • Knowledge of hydrogen sulfide hazards and safety practices.

  • Certificate of Completion.

  • Examination record available for employer.


  • OSHA Safety and Health Topics / Hydrogen Sulfide.

  • General Industry: 29 CFR 1910.1000 TABLE Z-2.

  • Construction: 29 CFR 1926.55 Appendix A.

  • 29 CFR 1910.119 App A and 29 CFR 1926.64 App A.

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