Personal Fall Arrest Systems

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Duration: 25 Minutes      Language: English

Recommended For:

  • The Personal Fall Arrest Systems course is recommended for workers in all industries who are exposed to serious fall hazards and protections by other means such as guard rails or nets are not used.

*It may be necessary to provide the practical application.

Topics Covered:

  • Identify the hazards posed by falling four feet (1.2 m) or more without and with a personal fall arrest system.

  • Identify the components of a personal fall arrest system and how they work together to arrest a fall.

  • Identify the steps for properly inspecting and donning a full-body harness.

  • Identify key fall arrest system design requirements including the maximum free fall distance permitted, the maximum deceleration distance allowed and the safety factor required for lanyards and anchorage points.

  • Identify the criteria for properly attaching the connecting device to an anchorage connector, vertical lifeline or horizontal lifeline.

Course Benefits:

  • Certificate of Completion. *Valid for 2 years.

  • Examination record available for employer.


  • 1910.21 Scope and definitions.

  • 1910.22 General requirements.

  • 1910.23 Ladders.

  • 1910.27 Scaffolds and rope descent systems.

  • 1910.28 Duty to have fall protection and falling object protection.

  • 1910.29 Fall protection systems and falling object protection—criteria and practices.

  • 1910.30 Training requirements.

  • 1910.66 Powered platforms for building maintenance.

  • 1910.67 Vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating work platforms.

  • 1910.68 Manlifts.

  • 1910.140 Personal fall protection systems.

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