Group Code Instructions

Welcome to Group Code Registration Instructions! This latest feature allows Group Leaders to give employees a unique group code so employees can self-enroll themselves in a specific group / course using the Group Code Registration Enrollment form

Employees can create their account on the Group Code Registration Enrollment form page if they do not already have an account. If they already have an account, they simply need to login first and then go to the Enrollment form and enter their group code:


The group code is unique and if you are not sure what code to use, you can simply click on the Generate button to generate a random unique code for you.

From and To Date

These fields are MANDATORY and used to define the valid date range during which this code can be used.

Validation Rules

This is OPTIONAL. These are special rules that can be enforced when the group code is used for enrollment. There are 2 types of validation rules

  • IP Validation : As the name states it validates the IP address of the enrolling student using the group code. This can be used if you wish for the group code to be used for registrations/enrollments only from a specific IP Address. ( eg: )
  • Domain name validation : You can validate the domain name of the email address used during enrollments using this option. A simple use case for this can be enrolling employees of a company which has a specific email domain for all their employees (eg:, 


The default status for the group code ( Active or Inactive ). A group code can only be used if its status is active regardless of any other settings.

From an overview you can see the code, when the code expires and how many users are enrolled using it, some actions and the status of the group code:

There are 3 actions available under the actions column:

  • Copy : You can copy the group code from here. Click to copy the group code
  • Edit : You can edit all the group code settings from here.
  • Delete : You can delete an existing group code from here.

The status field is a quick way to manage the status of the group code.

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