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To change your password on the LBA University portal:

  1. Log in to the LBA University Portal.

  2. Hover over the account drop down (Hi, your name) at the right of your dashboard.

  3. Click My Account.

  4. Click Account Details.

  5. Enter your current password, new password and confirmation of your new password.

  6. Click Save changes.

To reset your password for the LBA University portal:

1. On the LBA University portal login page, click Lost your password.

2. Enter your username or email.

3. Click Reset password.

You will receive an email with a link to create a new password.

Common issues you may have when resetting your password:

You haven’t received the email to reset your password.
If you can’t find the password reset email:

1 Check your spam/junk mail folder.

2. If you use Gmail, make sure to check the Social and Promotions tabs.

You reset your password and still can’t login.
If you still can’t login to your account after resetting your password:

1. Make sure your using the correct Username or email.

2. Double check you entered your credentials in correctly including capital letters, numbers and any symbols.

3. If you have any auto-fill or “Stay Signed In” options enabled on your browser, disable them as they could contain outdated information.

If none of these options work, please contact us.

  1. Log in to the LBA University Portal.

  2. Hover over the account drop down (Hi, your name) at the right of your dashboard.

  3. Click My Account.

  4. Click Account Details.

  5. Enter your new email address.

  6. Click Save changes.

If your name is misspelled on your certificate, please follow these steps:

1. Log into your account and go to Account Details from your My Account page.

2. Enter your correct First and Last name.

3. Click Save Changes

4. Go to My Courses.

5. Click on the certificate button for the courses(s) you completed to download a new certificate with your correct name.

If you cannot see a student in your gradebook on the LBA University portal, your account may be updated in the backend of our system. Contact us and we’ll correct this issue right away.

Yes! Follow these steps to swap employees:

  1. Log in to the LBA University portal.

  2. Click on your desired Group where the employee is located.

  3. Next to the employee’s information, click the Remove button.

  4. You will receive a confirmation email from LBA University’s  Site Administrator stating that your removal request is either approved or denied.

    (a) Your request may be denied if the employee has started their training.

Beginning April 30th, 2021, all LBA University certificates (excluding OSHA 10 & 30)  are equipped with a unique QR code and certificate number. 

If you need to verify a certificate prior to April 30th, 2021, please contact us with the name, date and course title on the certificate. It would also be helpful if you could provide an image of the certificate.

The course remains accessible for a duration of 365 days from the date of purchase before it expires. This timeframe provides you with a full year to engage with the course content, complete assignments, and review materials at your convenience.

Each course (excluding OSHA 10 & 30 Hour) can be completed between 10 minutes to 2 hours.

To learn more about OSHA 10 & 30 Hour courses, visit our OSHA Support page.

Several of our courses are currently offered in English, Spanish and French with more on the way.
We hope to release our courses in more languages including Polish, Russian and several others in the future.

Check out our extensive course library!

LBA University’s First Aid, CPR & AED course is a refresher course and meets the hands-on portion for certification similar to those from the American Red Cross.

Please note, this course does not include the hands-on portion which may be required for first responders or one who requires it. Many workplaces require training delivered by an instructor to meet OSHA requirements and do not accept certificates of completion from an online-only course.

LBA University’s Rigging Training course is an awareness training and is separate from Competent Rigger training.
This course does not provide the hands-on portion which is required to meet the ANSI 10.48 standards.
It is recommended that employers include the practical application for their employees.

We do not offer a Competent Rigger course at this time, but we do know several companies that would be glad to assist you. Contact us for more information!

Absolutely! To request a free wallet card, contact us.

Absolutely! Please contact us for a custom quote for your company.

  • Courses are available 24/7.

  • Customer support is available 8:30am to 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday.

If you need customer support outside of our business hours, visit our Resources page for assistance or contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LBA University accepts Visa, MasterCard, America Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.
LBA University does not issue payments terms to any party.

All refund requests for a training course are subject to a 5% service charge. However, if you started an OSHA 10 or 30 Hour  course, there is 15% service charge.

Alternatively, a course may be held as a credit for a future user

    • If a course is started (i.e., “in progress,” “completed,” or you clicked the “launch course” button), LBA University cannot refund the credit or swap that course for another course.

Contact us if you need assistance.

LBA University uses the highest standards in internet security.
Account information displayed within user portals and any information retained is not shared with third parties.
If you have concerns regarding your personal information, please contact us.

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